About Us

We are an innovative young construction company bringing new and fresh ideas to building and designing for the modern era. Our company focus is to build using modern techniques such as the Green Concept, conservancy, and modern development while incorporating the practical conventional methods of today to ensure affordability to all of our clients. As we are all aware that not a day goes by without some new technology or new materials being offered to the consumers in the home improvement field, we at Modern Concepts feel obligated to keep up with the times to ensure our clients receive the best available products that are friendly to the environment and to the bottom line. We build with pride beautiful and lasting structures but also leave behind concepts that will inspire the future generation of builders to come.

One word to describe all of our employees and contractors is this, DEDICATIONS! From start to finish you can rest assured that our guys will practice professionalism throughout the project. The quality of the work will show with pride from all aspects whether it be from helpers to craftsman. All of our work will be above today’s standard practice levels. Daily, we clean up work sites of all debris and tools. Upon completion of each project, we offer a cleaning service. We will clean bathrooms, kitchens, walls, and furniture of dust and construction debris. Yes, if requested we will even do windows! So with confidence, give us a call at (888) 557-7506 or send us an email to modernconcepts00@yahoo.com

Charles Yi